The Dialectical Method in the Working-Class Movement - The Dialectical Unity of Theory and Practice

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 6, The Dialectical Method in the Working-Class Movement, had the purpose of focusing the party’s attention on the independent thinking and acting of its members.

The book’s topic was not uncontested, however! Leading comrades of KAB/ML (Communist Workers’ League/Marxist-Leninists) at first voiced the view to Willi Dickhut, head of the Revolutionärer Weg editorial team, that other topics were more important for the practical work of the organization.

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 6, expounds the essence of the dialectical method as established by Marx and Engels and further developed by Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong. The book then applies the dialectical method to the development of the societal conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular to party building. This issue of Revolutionärer Weg concretely explains Lenin’s “elements of dialectics,” especially emphasizing the dialectical unity of theory and practice and the determination of the three stages of the proletarian class struggle in Germany.



Dickhut, Willi

Willi Dickhut was a modest person with many interests. He pursued his socialist goals, which he had already decided on as a young man, with utmost consistency, without sparing himself, even at the risk of his life. mehr


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