Aids in Africa

There are more than thirty million people on the globe with the HIV virus; three quarter of them live in the southern part of Africa. It has killed already more than twenty-two Million people world wide. If nothing happens, even more millions will die. But that can be prevented. Whoever wants to defeat AIDS hat to break new grounds. For this new approach we need you: Your coorperation, your commitment your help!



In this brochure a crash programme against AIDS is suggested. It is not at all limited to Africa, but it can be applied for all countries concerned. It is among other things the result of a series of lectures in South Africa, which I gave in May 2001 together with the German physician Dr Günter Bittel.

This June I repeated the lecture before representatives and ambassadors of African countries and Cuba, and in September I discussed it with French, Brazilian and German employees of various pharmaceutical companies.

I have learned so much from these people and I have tried to assimilate and consider it.


Chistoph Klug, December 2001



Klug, Christoph

Diplom in Psychologie 1975, Schwerpunkt physiologische Psychologie. Ab 1977 in einem Drogenberatungszentrum tätig, später mehrere Jahre Leiter des Verlags Neuer Weg. Analyse der Zusammenhänge naturwissenschaftlicher und gesellschaftspolitischer Aspekte der AIDS-Problematik. Kritische Publikationen zum Thema und Vorträge bei Bildungseinrichtungen, AIDS-Gruppen und Fachpublikum. mehr

Aids can be conquered

AIDS is not an incurable disease. In 1991 Jakob Segal proposed an effective and inexpensive early therapy for AIDS, but this therapy has powerful adversaries. mehr


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